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Choosing Holiday Attire for the Little Ones: The Tiny Universe

Christmas holidays are knocking at the door and then there’s New Year’s Eve to follow immediately after, so December, as we all know, is all about having a great time, partying and of course, dressing chic and looking amazing. However, a great holiday attire isn’t only for grownups, but for the little ones as well. So where do you find a suitable and elegant holiday look for your baby that is also comfortable enough?

We might just have an answer to your question: The Tiny Universe. Featured in 2013’s Vanity Fair, this posh clothing collection for toddlers is not just super chic and proper for fancy parties, but also comfortable for the little ones to wear.

We carry tiny posh tuxes with velvet bow’s, tiny suits, and attachable bow ties with a touch of the 30’s elegance and sophistication. For little ladies we also have a wide variety of tiny dresses with snow leopard and chess print. Of course, besides the fact that the Tiny Universe Collection has come up with some pretty elegant attires reminding us of last centuries’ mode and style, let’s not forget it’s babies we are talking about here, and they need to be as much comfortable as it gets. All the garments in this collection are one piece baby grows, easy detachable in case mummy needs to change the diaper. But don’t worry, this won’t cut down on that Bogard or Bond image your kid will have, not when wearing this classic garment, that’s for sure. The fact that they are 100% cotton makes them extremely comfortable to wear. The baby grows suits and tuxes come in the classy color combination black and white as well as the little ladies dresses. The collection also contains tank tops and leggings that come with the same style sense and comfort factor, so there are a lot of options to consider. So now you have a place to choose a holiday attire for your little one.


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