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Dolly Pettiskirts by Le Petit Tom

Every little girl wants to feel precious and beautiful as a mighty princess from fairy-tale books. However adults seem to draw a clear line between real life and fairies, while the little ones love blending one with the other and daydreaming, impersonating and feeling royal. This is the idea behind Dutch designer’s Anne-Marie van Dijk pret-a-porter collection DOLLY by Le Petit Tom. Being the daughter of a pianist and an artistic mother that inspired her, Anne-Marie figured a lovely way to bring together ballet, classic movies and fairy-tale inspiration into the amazing theatrical dolly skirts.

Her collection is not meant for petite ballerinas only, but for girls who want to feel precious and lovely every day of the week. The amazing skirts in her collection DOLLY have the luxurious feel to them and they come in a great number of colors so that each little real-life princess gets the one she loves most. Meet the Audrey Hepburn styled pettiskirt, the Heroic Super Woman dolly, or the Pinkest Pink Princess , plum and pink pettiskirts. Brace yourselves girls, there are even more colors and styles to choose from, so there’s got to be that one for you as well. Why do we love Le Petit Tom’s DOLLY collection? They look great on pretty little girls, they are a breath of fresh air in the world of girls’ fashion and make you feel out-of-this-world precious. Besides these, they make great pageant girl costumes, as well as Halloween costumes. Still, they are the best option for special occasions as well as birthday outfits and even a great way to look and feel like a princess every day. We believe that every girl should be a dolly girl and Le Petit Tom’s collection makes this possible through the pettiskirt collection we love so much. Most of the dolly pettiskirts colors you can find available in our store and we invite you to take a look and pick the ones you like best. Be a princess every day of your life with an adorable and feminine dolly pettiskirt!

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