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For the little ones, feeling good about themselves is one of the most important things they can learn on their way to adulthood. This opinion was shared by DL1961, a fashion company founded in 2008 in New York that created a very special fabric they called intelligent denim.

Although their mission was to create "the perfect fitting jean" they have outdone themselves and took their vision a step forward.

The innovative smart denim technology allowed them to create some really cool, comfortable, and hygienic jeans for the little ones.

Besides the fact that they look really stylish and feel soft and comfortable, their jeans come with a unique innovation that protects denim from odor causing bacteria that builds up on jeans when worn. This is a tremendously important aspect when it comes to kids, because as we all know, kids love to get dirty.

The advanced fibers in their jeans allow kids to move freely because these jeans move 360 degrees. This also means that, no matter how much you wear them, they don’t bag, sag or start to fall down after a certain period of time. These jeans look the same at the end of the day as when you first put them on.

What DL1961 managed to do was to combine utility & fashion in an impressively stylish line of jeans for small boys and girls, a collection that you can now find available at our boutique.

DL1961 has not put aside the fashion and style factor. In fact, the great variety of jeans styles, namely slim, skinny, and boyfriend come to embrace the trends these days.

No matter which one your kid prefers, they’re really easy to wear and style. Weather you wear them with a stripped polo, a knitted blouse, or even an elegant shirt these jeans can conform to any fashion style.

Jeans are jeans and they will never die, especially the intelligent denim jeans from DL1961. They will always stay trendy and cool, easy to wear, and combine style & fashion that kids love.



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