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  • Lieblinge: Little Birds Mama

    Posted: Dec 21 2015

    CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE FULL BLOG POST BAREFOOT LITTLE WALKERS: LIEBLINGE December 21, 2014 With all the baby moccasin brands out there, I was so sure that these would be the first shoes for my son. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Lieblinge.  Lieblinge (darling in German) are shoes for babies and toddlers that do not only look cute but that are designed to help and support them while making their first steps and learning how to walk. Made of super soft high quality organic leather, these soft sole shoes are cut in an anatomically optimized way, allowing them to grow with the kid’s feet for about two (!) sizes. This is a great feature as it means that your child can wear the shoes for a longer period of time compared to other brands. Thanks to an elastic, they stay on the feet and do not fall...

    Posted: Jan 05 2015

      At times life seems too complicated and serious. It’s those times that perhaps all we need are just the right accessories to pull through. As superficial as it sounds, accessories can mean the difference between a happy young lady and a less confident one. Most parents put such little emphasis on accessorizing their little ones, in fact they aim for 100% comfort and protection when choosing the clothes for their kids. But the right accessories can still pass the comfort test, and as an added bonus give you a very happy little one who is excited to feel like mom or dad in their sunglasses or mini handbags. For little girl’s, looking pretty just like mommy with sunglasses, a scarf, and a mini handbag is something they want. In fact, from all accessories out there mini handbags make the most beloved item by little girls because it gives them...
  • Combining Comfort & Fashion for Babies

    Posted: Dec 15 2014

    Babies deserve a fair share of fashion without compromising their state of comfort and feeling good. However, not every parent knows how to mix fashion and comfort for babies. And of course, the toddler falls somewhere in between and there seems to be no way out. But let me tell you, you shouldn't have to choose one over the other. Although we might not be aware of it, from their early life stages, kids have personal tastes, whether we want to admit it or not. They fall in love with certain clothes and hate others. They know what they like and dislike. Our mission as parents is to make sure the clothes we buy for our kids are fashionable, but stay true to their taste level. We need to find clothes are super-comfortable, cut from the best materials and of course, fit them properly. These day’s jumpsuits, onesies, tops and bottoms...
  • Choosing Holiday Attire for the Little Ones: The Tiny Universe

    Posted: Dec 15 2014

    Christmas holidays are knocking at the door and then there’s New Year’s Eve to follow immediately after, so December, as we all know, is all about having a great time, partying and of course, dressing chic and looking amazing. However, a great holiday attire isn’t only for grownups, but for the little ones as well. So where do you find a suitable and elegant holiday look for your baby that is also comfortable enough? We might just have an answer to your question: The Tiny Universe. Featured in 2013’s Vanity Fair, this posh clothing collection for toddlers is not just super chic and proper for fancy parties, but also comfortable for the little ones to wear. We carry tiny posh tuxes with velvet bow’s, tiny suits, and attachable bow ties with a touch of the 30’s elegance and sophistication. For little ladies we also have a wide variety of tiny...

    Posted: Oct 12 2014

    Dolly Pettiskirts by Le Petit Tom Every little girl wants to feel precious and beautiful as a mighty princess from fairy-tale books. However adults seem to draw a clear line between real life and fairies, while the little ones love blending one with the other and daydreaming, impersonating and feeling royal. This is the idea behind Dutch designer’s Anne-Marie van Dijk pret-a-porter collection DOLLY by Le Petit Tom. Being the daughter of a pianist and an artistic mother that inspired her, Anne-Marie figured a lovely way to bring together ballet, classic movies and fairy-tale inspiration into the amazing theatrical dolly skirts. Her collection is not meant for petite ballerinas only, but for girls who want to feel precious and lovely every day of the week. The amazing skirts in her collection DOLLY have the luxurious feel to them and they come in a great number of colors so...